"Jerry's Golf Gems is, without question, one of the best golf instruction books of all time." -- Golf Digest
Jerry's Golf Gems is the remarkable culmination of Jerry Harmon's lifetime of playing and teaching golf. Having played with and learned from some of the best golfers and instructors in the game over his legendary 30-year career, Jerry Harmon has acquired knowledge that few others have. Now it is time to share that knowledge with the golfing public. More...
Jerry's Gems to Stop a Slice is the successor to the critically-acclaimed book Jerry's Golf Gems, which is the culmination of Jerry Harmon's lifetime of playing and teaching golf. Jerry's Gems to Stop a Slice is filled with 20 priceless gems that will stop your slice for good, and have you playing the best golf of your life. More...

Great book! Amazon Five Stars
I have been playing golf since I was a teen but always struggled to get my handicap below 18, let alone down into single figures. I've tried a few books and the odd magazine, but I can say I’m glad I discovered Jerry’s Gems . This book is a classic, and should be on every golfer’s shelf. I wish I could have had this information years ago. Harmon breaks up his advice into “gems” that cover the swing, putting, chipping, bunker play and more. It has certainly helped me to become more consistent in my game, which is where many of us fall down. Trying to implement all the tips in this book in one go will undoubtedly cause confusion as you over-think your swing, but if like me you work on one part of your game at a time then it will certainly help. My bunker shots are much better now after changing the tempo of my swing and remembering to follow through rather than trying to chop the ball off the surface. All in all a good read with plenty of tips. I would recommend it to any golfer!

Wow what a find! Amazon Five Stars
I have read many golf books (in my personal quest to learn and know more about the game), including Hogan's Five Lessons and Harvey Penick's Little Red book, and I can honestly say that this book is better than anything else out there. The simple, straightforward writing style and deep level of insight into the long game and short game are impressive. I have previously had a hard time finding a book that contains everything about golf, and, well - this book really has it all. I enjoyed every page! Most importantly, it has helped me take strokes off my game. Thanks Jerry!

"Some of the best and most unique information on the subject of golf we have ever seen."
--PGA of America

"Jam packed full of goodies that will help any game."
--The Miami Herald

"Remarkable. The most influential golf book I have read in my 40-year career."
--Bill Carliss, PGA Professional (Illinois)

"No other golf book is able to combine the level of detail with the utter simplicity that is conveyed in this material. Great stuff, Jerry!"
--Golf Digest

"Jerry Harmon has done it. He has been able to express his knowledge on the full swing and short game into the most intriguing little book on golf to cross our desk in years."
--Today's Golfer UK

"Pure genius is how I would best describe Jerry's Golf Gems. The gems just keep coming."
--Alex Howes, PGA Professional (Texas)

"I thought I had heard it all, but clearly I was wrong after reading Jerry's Gems. Good stuff. Great insights.
--Bob Wilks, PGA Professional (Florida)